The Strong Mom Movement

I’m looking for busy and tired moms who are looking to transform their lives, get back the energy to keep up with their kids and balance family time with personal “YOU” time by eliminating daily chaos and overwhelm.


Simple –

I create Strong Moms.

A strong mom is strong mentally and physically. A strong mom chooses her own destiny by living life proactively versus reactively. She takes back control of her schedule by eliminating the chaos of day to day tasks and chores.

Physically able to squat and deadlift their body weight and prove to themselves they are able to “carry and lift the load” of the life of being a mom.

Mentally strong by loving themselves again by making themselves a priority to pursue their own goals and dreams without the mom guilt so they can be a better mom,spouse,friend.

Mentally strong by shifting their mindset to become more self aware and learning how to change their behaviors and habits to eliminate all chaos and doubt inside of their mind of what they can achieve or do every day.

To always be winning or learning, but never feeling like they’ve lost or are losing ever again.


  • Semi-Private Group Workouts with personal customization and modifications.
  • Personal Custom Meal Plan to learn sustainable nutrition habits and move away from restrictive diets and quick fixes.
  • Personal Grocery List to save time and money. It doesn’t get easier than this.
  • Personal Food Prep Instructions so easy that anyone can do it in under 2 hours a week.
  • Mindset Coaching to help you develop a healthy relationship with food and gain control over your schedule again.
  • Personal Accountability Coaching so you’ve got daily support to keep you on track.
  • World Class Online Support Group with 24/7 accountability.
  • And much much more…
28 Day Challenge
Before and After 4


Are you:

  • Ready to take back control of your busy schedule and make time for yourself?
  • In need of more energy so you can keep up with your kids?
  • Trying to lose at least 20 pounds?
  • Looking for access to real tools and coaching that will help you get healthy again?

Who this program isn’t for:

  • Moms that aren’t ready to give a few hours of their week to themselves.
  • Moms that love to make excuses for why you can’t eat healthy or workout
  • Moms that don’t want accountability to actually reach their goals
  • Moms that aren’t motivated to change their minds, body, and life for real

Why Moms?

When I first started as a personal trainer, one of my first clients was actually my mom, Pam Miller. I trained her for a mud run for her 55th birthday. I learned a lot from our training experience.

  • Moms are tough. They push themselves and are willing to work harder than guys do.
  • Moms listen. They are more willing to listen and open to new ideas and learning new things.
  • Moms influence. They pass along what they learn to their families and I can have an impact on thousands and potentially millions of people to help make their lives better.

I feel like if I can help more moms become better people in general, then I’m doing my part to help make this world a better place. There is too much hate and suck in this world, so if we can make the home a better place and help moms get their lives back, maybe I can help change the world just a little bit.

A Missing Piece

There are no programs that really cater to moms, and I think that is terrible. Health and fitness isn’t about being a fitness model or an Instagram star. Society makes it seem that way, and someone needs to speak up and tell the truth.

I’m tired of seeing fad diets and quick fixes promised to people and never actually helping people. I want to provide real solutions.

Joni lost 7lbs and 2.8% body fat in just 28 days! Here’s her story.

Joni reached a point in her life where she knew she wanted to lose weight but just didn’t know how. She had tried everything- restrictive diets and extremely low-calorie meal plans and didn’t have success. She made it a habit of putting herself on the back burner and making excuses about why she couldn’t get to the gym. She was fed up!

Deep down, Joni knew she needed to take her life back and do something before things spiraled completely out of control.

These were here hurdles:

  • No accountability or support
  • No clue what meal plan and workout routine was right for her
  • No guidance on how to break her habit of yo-yoing with her health goals

That’s when she found the Strong Mom Movement.

A program that is specifically designed for moms! Joni was given the right diet, workout routine, and guidance to see actual progress! Not only is she feeling more confident about herself, she has more energy to work towards her goals. She decided she was fed up with her yo-yoing ways and got plugged into a program that actually works.

Some of Our Results

From moms just like you

Stephen's Story

When I was growing up, I was an athletic kid. I played sports, joined the marching band, and lifted weights with friends. I wasn’t a super beefy guy, but I was fit and worked out enough to lead a healthy lifestyle.

It wasn’t until I graduated high school that I became overweight. I made a lot of decisions that wrecked my health. I partied hard, drank, did drugs, ate out every day, and never exercised. My parents sat me down one day and told me how my life choices were making them afraid. I got a wake-up call, but I didn’t really know what to do to make the changes in my life.

All of my bad decisions caught up with me. My health went downhill fast. I lost 60 pounds in a year, and not the good kind of weight loss. It was unexplained and I spent time in the hospital having countless tests. Was it cancer? A disease? They didn’t know. The doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.

When I finally found out that I have IBS, I had a starting place. It literally saved my life. I researched everything I could get my hands on to get my illness under control. It was wrecking my life, my relationships, and my health. I made it my mission to get my health under control so I could overcome my fear and anxiety of having an episode while out in public.

What I really learned through all of this is that you can eat right and workout, but if you don’t develop a healthy relationship with food, you won’t be successful. It was very hard to give up the foods I loved for the sake of my health. When I pinpointed the emotional reasons I was eating the way I did, I could work through my crap and finally get healthy.

I’ve made it my mission to help others develop the right mindset, put into place a workout routine, and a menu plan that will give them lasting results. If I can do it, you can to.