It took me a while to finally write this blog post because  I was unsure how people would react to it…however I believe now that not saying something is doing more of a disservice to the world than keeping quiet.

So why is being unhealthy the most selfish thing you could be?
Lets begin with just you. The good old me,myself, and I. When’s the last time you looked at yourself and felt 100% satisfied? When’s the last time you were able to complete an activity that required some type of physical effort without feeling slightly ashamed or embarrassed at your true lack of ability to do something;something as simple as bend down and tie your shoe?

How many days have you lived with back pain? Knee pain? Neck pain? Etc… And now answer how many days have you stretched or done rehab exercises for those pains? How many donuts and french fries did you eat this weekend that caused your body to become highly inflamed which lead to more joint pain? Did you contact a nutritionist or a personal trainer to ask for help? Or did you convince yourself you already knew everything there was to know about diet as you stuffed your face with a double cheeseburger and large soda while watching the Golden Globes?

Every single time you decide to make a poor eating choice, or drink too much alcohol, or decide not to exercise (yes you have to actually make the choice NOT to do something, which is ironic if you think about it….you actively decided to be lazy-you’re such a winner now!) you are being selfish to yourself and cutting off time from the end of your life. You are causing yourself more pain, both physical and mental….all because “cheesecake just tastes soooo good”. Give me a break…act like an adult and be honest with yourself. Admit you have a problem and no will power, and then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Find a book to read to help you. Hire a coach to help you. Call your best friend and vent and ask if they know what to do…anything other than eat one more cookie or one more soft drink or one more beer/glass of wine and wallow in your own self pity while telling yourself “I’m never going to lose weight so I might as well enjoy this apple pie”. One mistake or slip up does not equal total failure…repeat this to yourself as many times as you need until you understand it. True failure only happens when you decide to give up and quit.

Now lets talk about the real selfish part of being unhealthy…even more so than being selfish to yourself. Every time you put off going to the gym, or doing your rehab exercises, or going to the store to buy fresh food, or researching how to deal with mental issues that prevent you from being healthy, you are losing time from the end of your life. Time that could’ve been spent with your children, or with your parents/family, or with your friends. Time that could’ve been spent creating happy memories of you and your kid running around at the park instead of you watching from the sidelines like a chump because your knee’s hurt and your 50 pounds heavier than you should be. You can’t even make it one lap around the swing set without getting winded, so there’s no way in hell you’re going to keep up with your child at the park. Time that could’ve been spent hiking that mountain you always wanted to climb, time that could’ve been spent starting that business you wanted to start, time that could’ve been spent enjoying the company of others, time that could’ve been spent seeing the world and helping other people…but you can’t do any of it because you’re selfish and eat an entire pizza by yourself once a week and wash it down with a bowl of bluebell ice cream.

When you have a heart attack, or get diagnosed with diabetes(type 2), or cancer, or when your back hurts so bad you live on pain pills and can’t walk without tears forming in your eyes; that’s when you know you’ve reached the ultimate level of selfishness. How dare you force your family to watch you lay helpless in a hospital bed because you wanted more fried chicken that lead to your heart attack. How dare you make your children shop for a casket because you had a stroke from too much smoking or drinking. How dare you drain your life savings and force your family to tend to your cancer treatments because you couldn’t lay off the Twinkies and Ding-Dong’s. Good luck explaining to your 3 or 4 year old why you can’t play outside with them while they watch their friends play with their parents because you cant fight through the pain in your hips and knees. So many missed opportunities to create special memories that you don’t get to be a part of because “lifting weights is too hard” and “stretching is boring” or because “salad is gross”.

Stop bullshitting yourself and coming up with every excuse under the sun or trying to blame anyone else but you. Do something today and make the change to become healthy! Add an extra day, a month,  a year to the end of your life and spend that extra time showing your family love and attention. Spend that extra time playing with your kid outside and throwing a ball around or playing “tag”. Teach others how to be healthy too!

Do all of the things you’re going to hate yourself for not doing when you’re taking your last few breaths and reflecting on your life when that final moment inevitably arrives . Do you want to think to yourself “I lived my life to the fullest and created more memories than I ever thought possible and loved more people and spread more happiness than I ever dreamed of” or “I wish I would’ve done X,Y,Z and had spent more quality time with my kids, my wife, my husband”.

The choice is yours. Healthy or unhealthy? Selfish or unselfish?

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