I got really triggered this morning when scrolling through Facebook.

This persons comment is EXACTLY why moms fail and will continue to fail every day to reach their goals.

The person asks for her to share her diet and workout.

Do you really think it was some special diet or fancy new workout routine that produced results for this woman?

No one asked her about the dedication it took. The daily workouts. The consistency on nutrition. Resisting temptations and saying no to sweets and alcohol, for YEARS!

Those days you told yourself you can start next week, she forced herself to get to the gym.

Those days you stayed up too late and skipped your workout, she woke up early to workout an extra 15 min…

That birthday party for your kid where you served cake and ate a piece, she said no.

That girls night out of drinking way too much you went on, every weekend!!!…..she said she no because she had bigger goals and dreams.

The person who commented on this photo failed to ask the most important question of all….

What type of mindset and attitude shift did you have to make in order to produce these results?
What identity did you have to adopt?
What stories and excuses did you have to overcome? What habits did you have to develop?

When you focus on the external tactics, like diets and workouts; you’ll never be successful like you want.

Change your mindset and identity, and that’s when you will have real, long term, life changing results.

Are you focused on your diet and workout all the time? Do you often find yourself starting over? Searching for the new fad diet? Or new special workout? Thinking about taking pills or detoxes?


Are you focused on new habits, new routines, new behaviors, new mindsets, new identity’s, new lifestyles?

Want to find out how to shift your mindset and produce a real change in your life?

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