Okay Mom… Time for some brutal honesty… 🔥

The weight loss industry DOESN’T want you to achieve your goals

It wants you to keep spinning your wheels, yo-yo’ing up and down, back and forth.

It wants you to fail. Over and over again

Why? 🤔

Because the longer you stay unhappy and overweight, the more desperate you’ll become for a solution 👎

And when you’re desperate for a solution, you’re inviting thousands of scumbag marketers to pounce on you with the promise of ‘rapid’ or ‘easy’ weight loss 👎

The fitness industry LITERALLY relies on you to fail like this because it makes them rich 👎

I have actual proof:

According to Forbes, the fitness industry has been growing by around 4-5% every year, and in the last 3 years, growth has been accelerating massively

As of 2019, it’s worth almost $30 BILLION in America alone 😳

30 BILLION DOLLARS!!! That’s an insane amount of money…

But at the same time

Rates of OBESITY have never been higher

Rates of DIABETES have never been higher

Rates of HEART DISEASE have never been higher

Rates of DEPRESSION have never been higher

What does this mean?

👉 The fitness industry is profiting (massively) from your failures.

So I want you to imagine THIS…

Every time you read a ‘lose weight fast’ ebook and do nothing with the information…

Every time you start a new diet, burn out, and crash on junk food…

And every time you promise that tomorrow will be the day when you finally make use of that gym membership…

…some rich fitness marketer laughs hysterically and rubs their hands together, excited at the thought of taking even more of your money 😒

Because that’s literally what is happening today.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I need you to understand that the Strong Mom Movement is 100% completely different from any other program, gym, fad diet.

We’re not here to sell you some ‘quick fix’ or magic pill.

I’m not here to show you the latest bullshit 💩 hack.

We don’t work with every Mom who applies with us –

I CHOOSE to only accept committed Moms who are ready to change.

Everyone else out there will take on anyone, just to make another dollar 😤. Other gyms and programs don’t really care about you or your results, or changing your life.

But here, We are driven by COMMITMENT & RESULTS

Want to join the Strong Mom Movement?

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