I wanted to write a blog to tell you what’s happened in my life over the last few weeks/months and talk about the importance of forcing yourself to take action towards progress, towards achievement, towards fulfillment of some kind.

On May 22, 2019, my wife and I unfortunately lost our son, and we had to bury him and say goodbye.

As you can expect, it completely threw me off track; I stopped working out, and I stopped eating right.

There was no routine for my mindset; I wasn’t meditating or reading anymore, and I got into a pretty big funk.

It can happen so fast; within a few days I was basically all the way down at the bottom and felt like everything I had been doing was a complete waste.

All of the years of working out, all of this effort with proper eating, sleeping, everything just completely thrown off in a matter of two weeks.

I found myself dwelling on that for a day or two, getting in my head and telling myself it’s going to be really hard to get that going again, it’s going to be hard to start working again or eating right again and get back into my routines.

Hell, my entire life just got turned upside down with my child dying, but what I found and what I’ve been doing for myself lately is what I teach others every day.

I’ve applied this to my entire life over the last 10 years, kind of forcing myself to take that step forward even though I didn’t feel like doing it, even though I didn’t want to, even though I didn’t have that drive; I forced myself to exercise, I forced myself to have my smoothie in the morning again, I forced myself to read some positive things online and spent a little bit of time trying to get back into that routine of normalcy where I was taking care of myself again and getting back on track.

I talk to so many moms all the time, every day I see stuff posted on Facebook and Instagram about how they fell off track over the weekend.

It’s graduation time; kids are moving on to the next part of their life and school, going to the next grade, going into college, graduating from college; things are changing for everyone’s lives specifically you being a mom with kids.

And a lot of moms will fall off track around this time of year because shedule’s change, everything is changing.

Moms come up with excuses again about how you don’t have time, you’ve got all these things going on at the end of the year or your schedule is too busy.

Moms will come up with reasons why it’s ok to eat bad because of graduation parties, celebrations or these events, and you end up putting yourself in this mindset of not progressing forward; you’re actually giving yourself permission to take steps backwards.

When you’re at a very delicate part of your life where you’re trying to change your mindset, you’re trying to develop new habits and become this new person; if you allow yourself to stay off track, if you allow yourself to continue to come up with excuses, stories or telling yourself you don’t have time, or you’ll start again next week or next Monday or when graduation is over or when the schedule settles down; it’s all a bunch of stories and crap you’ve told yourself in the past and it isn’t doing you any good.

The same thing applied to me over the last couple of weeks/months; I could have stayed in a depressed mindset and telling myself there’s no reason to continue going on, there’s no reason to take care of myself anymore, what’s the point of doing life anymore; those questions and those thoughts when through my head.

I thought about giving up, I thought about closing my business down, I thought about not working out anymore, but it’s just a bunch of stories and noise in your head.

I again, did what I always do and what I’ve said many times in the past with other videos: You just have to take action.

You just have to do something that’s going to make you feel better about yourself whether that’s five minutes of reading or meditating, or going for a five minute walk or doing a quick workout; running around your living room, whatever it is as long as you’re getting yourself back into a routine where you can feel better about yourself, you can achieve things, you can start doing life again; it helps avoid staying trapped in that mindset of feeling like you’re a failure, or feeling like there’s no point to go on, or feeling like you have to start over from scratch.

That’s just not true; none of that is true, it’s all stories in your head.        

I just wanted to make this blog to emphasize the importance of keeping yourself on track, forcing yourself to take action so you can stay in that mindset of achieving your goals, staying happy, staying positive and continuing to win even when life knocks you down to your lowest point, like it has for me recently.

If you can relate to any of this, if you want more help figuring out how to move on in life, how to take the step forward again after you’ve suffered a setback or after you’ve been dealt a really big blow from life; life has punched you in the face.

If you want help figuring out how to overcome all of that and learn what we do here inside the Strong Mom Movement hit the link below, comment on this blog or send me a message and I’d be more than happy to have a chat with you.       

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  1. Thank you Stephen. Apparently to get some perspective, I have to get out of my head and walk in someone else’s shoes to realizes, everyone is going through something. The difference… action! Taking the next step that moves me forward!! Thank you for your …perspective and God bless you and Miss Bre.

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