As I was walking the dogs earlier, I was listening to a podcast that was talking about measuring growth in your life. 

I thought it was really interesting how the guy speaking says that the only way to really compare whether or not you’ve grown and improved is to take a look into the past and compare.

We can get so caught up with trying to improve… do more, be more, achieve more, etc. We propel our thoughts into futuristic versions of ourselves, and in the moment-we feel great about it. We tell ourselves we are going to achieve X,Y,Z and do ALL the things we think we are going to do.

A lot of people think of growth in terms of ideas, like ‘I’m going to become this person’, or ‘I’m going to lose X amount of weight’, ‘I’m going to exercise like this’, ‘I’m going to take this class’, ‘I’m going to stop doing X Y Z’, whatever it is. This is also where it usually stops for most…

And that’s normally how people think about growth and success; they look at it in terms or future versions of themselves or what they can achieve instead of actually looking at true growth and measuring it by looking into the past.

Who were you three months ago? Six months ago? A year ago? Have you made progress in your life? Have you improved at least 1%? What can you do better now? What can you keep doing that is making you a better person?

Or look at it this way…What New Year’s resolution did you make that you didn’t keep? What did you say you were going to start doing that you didn’t do? Were you all talk? Or did you take action?

When you look at it from a different point of view, the picture becomes way more clear and you no longer live in a fantasy world.

This is how real growth is measured, and it’s not a quick fix; it’s not an overnight thing.

It is a long term game.

Let’s look at the last six months of your life and see where you were and see where you are now.

Is anything different? Is the quality of your life better? Has it improved? Have you done the things you wanted to do? Or did you just SAY you were going to do things? Did you come up with empty goals and dreams?

I just thought it was interesting how when comparing the different types of “success and growth”, that what a lot of people think growth is and how they think about it versus what actual growth is and how to measure it to see if you are growing as an individual, and seeing if your life is improving.

My question for you is, where were you six months ago? A year ago? What did you NOT do? What have you NOT followed through with? What have you NOT achieved yet that you said you were going to start doing?

This is something I ask my moms to do on a regular basis.

Let’s get real; let’s examine the facts. Let’s actually grow and see improvement.

Reflect on your past, and adjust the things that need to be adjusted in order to achieve your goals and be successful. As long as you are getting 1% better every day, you are growing as a person and improving.

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