Benefits of Strength Training for Moms

Hello moms! 

I wanted to write a quick blog post to talk to you about the importance of and the benefits of strength training or lifting weights, especially for moms/women.

I talk to moms every day, and I often get told by moms that they do a lot of cardio in order to try to lose weight or feel better or have more energy; they run, use the elliptical, climb stairs or attend a Zumba class but they can’t seem to lose weight, or keep it off. And they definitely don’t have more energy.

The reason they aren’t losing weight or feeling better is because they aren’t doing any strength training. 

Strength training is super important, especially for women/moms and especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

A few of the benefits are not only are you going to get stronger by building muscle, but your metabolism will increase because you’ve got more muscle mass; (muscle mass burns more calories in the day compared to what fat does), and you’ll have more energy because you’ve got more muscle mass.

Strength training actually increases your energy levels where as cardio can beat you down and leave you drained and worn out by the end of the week because you try to run for miles every single day.

Another bonus with strength training is that it helps you build stronger bones and fight against osteoporosis which is something, as a female, you should worry about.

There is also research showing strength training can help improve hormone imbalances. I’m not saying that strength training will fix any and all issues; but there is research that says it could help with hormone issues associated with being a female and getting older.

One last side benefit of strength training for moms, is that it teaches you that you are Stronger than you ever thought you were and are more than capable of “carrying the load” of being a mom, even on days you don’t feel like your best.

If you aren’t lifting weights or doing any sort of strength training, you should start.

If you don’t know where to start, what type of strength training to do or if you just have questions or worries that it’ll make you look bulky, gross or too muscular, I am always happy to chat with you more about.

I’d love to talk to you more about what we do here at MillersMusclesandMakevers and why the mom’s are so successful with my Strong Mom Movement.  

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