What does is mean to line up goals with your desired lifestyle?

Every day I talk to moms about their goals and what they want to achieve with their health and fitness and a lot of times those goals are mostly related to losing weight or being a certain size, or fixing eating habits, but the goals I hear a lot of moms talking about don’t fit the lifestyle they want to live.

It’s great to have a goal of wanting to be the size you were in high school, or be the same size you were before you got pregnant; can you achieve those?

I say 100% yes you can, but are you willing to live the lifestyle that it requires to achieve those goals?

What I mean is, are you willing to literally 100% of the time track all of your food, work out 5 days a week, never miss a meal, always drink water, always get enough sleep, never drink any alcohol, you never fall off track; are you willing to live a lifestyle that requires you to get those goals, or are you goals not really in line with what you picture you life should be.

If you don’t have the time, if you don’t want to make the time, if you don’t want to commit that amount of energy; there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you goal is simply to be healthier, to feel better, to have more energy, to have more confidence, to be stronger, to have a better mindset; if your goals are related to any of those things, then your lifestyle is more likely to fall in line in being able to achieve those goals.

If you want to go out over the weekend and eat some fast food or have some drinks; there’s nothing wrong with that as long as you are ok with having a goal that can fit that lifestyle which means, are you going to lose all of the weight that you really want to lose?

Probably not. But, can you lose some weight and live a much healthier lifestyle and be way happier and still get to do what you want to do on the weekends? Absolutely. 

This has been a recent topic when discussing goals with the moms in my Strong Mom Movement.

Their weight fluctuates; their food tracking is sporadic, but at the end of the day, if they’re happier, have more energy, are stronger and feeling better about themselves; they’re winning.

If your goals don’t match up with being happier, having more energy, getting stronger and feeling better about yourself; it’s going to feel like you’re losing.

You’re going to feel like you aren’t achieving anything because you’ve got extravagant goals in your mind you want to achieve for yourself, but life isn’t going to allow you to do that because of how you’re choosing to live.

You don’t get to dedicate 10 hours of your day to meal prepping and working out. You’re a mom, you’re working and you’ve got so many other things going on, but as long as you’re making some progress and trying to be better than the day you were before, that’s all that matters. 

After reading this, I’d like you to take a minute and think about your goals; reevaluate your situation and the expectations you have for yourself.

Does the lifestyle that you want to live, match up to the goals you have set up for yourself?

If they don’t, you need to readjust, and do some thinking on if you need to change your goals or adjust your lifestyle to fit those goals because those are really what you want to achieve.

If you need help figuring that out, tap here to apply to work with us and we can figure it out together! 


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