1. IMG_4869Be 100% open and honest with yourself and focus only on the facts. 

    Lying to yourself doesn’t help you. Being 100% open and honest with what’s going on in your life, with your nutrition, with your exercise, with your stress, with your mindset; that’s the only way you can make changes.

  2. Self love and respect.With my moms, I tell them that no negative self-talk is allowed in the gym or at home. You want to be your own biggest cheerleader because nobody else is going to be as full of you as you need to be of yourself. You’re in your own head more than you talk to other people, so you need to be the one to boost yourself up, and tell yourself positive things. The whole world is against you all the time. People are judging you, putting you down, doubting you; you don’t need to do that to yourself. So self love and respect only. You tell yourself you’re awesome, and that’s it.


  3. Find the lesson in everything.Life will always present you with road blocks, obstacles and challenges, and it’s your job to find the lesson that life is trying to provide you, instead of being a victim and complaining about what’s going on in your life. You can wallow in self pity and look for someone to save you, OR you can find what life is trying to teach you, and deal with it and learn and apply those things going forward for you and your family.


  4. Be resourceful.Part of being a strong mom, being a mom in general, is always having an answer right? Especially when your kids ask you for something. In reality, if you aren’t being resourceful, if you aren’t taking advantage of the tools at your fingertips, you should. It’s your job to take advantage of the tools and use it. You’ll only get out as much effort as you put in. Have a question? Look for the answer before asking for help. Have a problem? Try to solve it yourself before asking for help.


  5. Lead by example.At the end of the day, the whole point of becoming a Strong Mom, and a better person in general, is so you can lead your family and lead others to operate the same way. Walk the walk and others will follow. Talk the talk and others will argue back. If you want to produce change in the world and within your family, be the first to start.

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